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Raincube Garden Kit

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Est. Ship Date Spring 2018

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Comes with Raincube computer, volume sensor, web app and DIY assembly guide.

  • Compatible with food barrels and IBC totes
  • Plug in with 110v AC or 12v DC pump and 24v AC sprinkler solenoids
  • Screw in sensor top
  • Wifi and GSM cellular connectivity
  • Raspberry Pi compatible
  • Control up to 4 watering zones

Raincube App Features

  • Works on mobile, desktop, and tablets
  • Real Time Water Volume
  • Collection tracker
  • Consumption analytics
  • Intelligent watering for wet and dry seasons
  • Integrated Rain forecast
  • Garden together with neighbors
  • Earn Raincoin, a digital rainwater rewards token

Benefits of using Raincube

  • Open source and modular to fit different homes and gardens
  • Make it rain anytime, from anywhere, even while away from home
  • Save time and strength not having to haul hoses around the garden
  • Precise watering tracking down to the drop
  • Low maintenance, can run on autopilot or by a neighbor
  • Low cost
  • Easy installation
  • High ROI compared to lifetime cost of lawn
  • Lower water bill
  • Lower food bill
  • No digging, no permit, and HOA friendly
  • Lifetime return on investment is 10x-100x

About Us

Company History

Raincube was created in the spring of 2016 in Tampa Bay to answer a simple question. Can we connect rainwater harvesting to the internet and by doing so scale to every roof on the planet?

Mission Statement

Raincube’s mission is to balance the world’s supply of water by building a digital, decentralized, distributed, and democratic Internet of Rain.

What is Raincube?

Raincube is the easiest, smartest and most fun way to make it rain in your garden anytime, from anywhere.


Anthony Paglino

Founder & CEO

Bo Qiang

Hardware Engineer

Tommy Wu

Software Developer

Alberto Juaregui

Social Media and Marketing

Alina Lebron

Web Developer

Raymond Dai

UI/UX Designer

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